Bow thrusters

Servoship bow thrusters have a robust design that has proven to be extremely durable and reliable. With equipment installed for over thirty years, almost all of them have not yet undergone maintenance disassembly since leaving the factory.

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Bow thrusters

The tunnel is supplied built in steel plate with an AISI 316L stainless steel band coinciding with the rotation zone of the propeller itself.

The propeller is built in CuNiAl, and all the inner assembly is protected by a cast iron casing that supports the bearings, housing inside the propeller main shaft, transmission conical train, and pitch control mechanism in the case of variable pitch propellers.

The propellers can be supplied with its drive motor, control consoles to be placed in the central desk and ailerons, and frequency inverter, PLC and communication system with the bridge, electrical plant, etc.

Servoship has models for powers up to 750Kw of power.