Davits and cranes

We manufacture equipment for the launching of the main rescue means: Rescue Boats, Liferafts, Lifeboats and Free Fall Boats.

Robust equipment, designed and tested to meet the highest safety standards required by equipment intended for this purpose and prepared for the environmental conditions that require equipment installed outdoors on the deck of the ship.

They comply with SOLAS requirements and are certified under the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU as well as the applicable IMO Circulars.

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Radial davits

These are the most conventional. Strut type davits, with oil-hydraulic power plant, electric panel and accumulator. All this integrated and installed in the davit itself, so it does not require piping, only screwed assembly and connection of power supply line. We have a certified range for reaches between 3.5m and 6m and a range for SWL up to 2,200 Kg. Other options on request. We can design and certify any custom option required.

Optionally they can be supplied with an auxiliary winch for chafing service. In this case it is an additional hydraulically operated winch, installed on the davit boom.

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A-FRAME type davits

Robust davits usually used for heavier and longer boats than conventional SOLAS rescue boats. In these davits, the davit structure itself serves as a cradle for the boat. Various add-ons are available depending on the desired requirements: constant tension, wave compensating shock absorber, lifting and lowering controlled from a separate console, anti-pendulum head, bow boom outrigger, etc.

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Free-fall ramps

Freefall boat launching structure. It is a structure built mostly with high resistance structural steel tube. It is supplied with winch and launching frame for boat recovery, as well as for launching in shallow waters. The frame is controlled by hydraulic cylinders, equipped with brake valves. The ramps are supplied completely finished, with all the main and auxiliary elements installed, as well as all the hydraulic piping, distributor, limit switches, etc., ready to be welded directly to the ship’s structure.

Combined cranes

Combined Cranes are supplied to be used as secondary means to launch the free fall lifeboats, but also as services or provision cranes. In this case, they are cranes with outreaches ranging from 8 to 10 meters and working loads ranging from 3 to 6 Tn, although other options can be studied upon request.

They have a platform on the turret and an access ladder for the operator. On the platform there are controllers for starting and stopping the pump, as well as proportional control controls for the rotation movements of the turret, clamp cylinder for boom inclination and lifting and lowering of the hook. The installation of this type of crane makes it possible to eliminate the folding gantry of the free fall ramp. Options such as remote control, load cell, anemometer, etc. are available.

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Gravity davits for lifeboats

These are davits for launching lifeboats that have a greater capacity for people. Placed on the sides of the vessel, they have two raceways along which the arms that support the weight of the boat descend. By means of a series of gearboxes and snatch blocks, both arms descend simultaneously, dragged by the weight of the boat itself, to the off-board position. From that position, the boat descends, detaching from the arms and lowering until it is afloat.